Policy Management PRO Certification Advances Careers.
Why Not Yours?

Think of Policy Management PRO as your one source for best practices, defined management methods and useful tools for creating and implementing a Policy
Management program within your organization. Policy Management PRO is the place for people who want to stop guessing at how to build policy disciplines within their organizations. They want to follow a proven blueprint for success instead.

Earning your CPMP (Certified Policy Management PRO) designation...

  • Fills in your Policy Management experience gaps
  • Makes you more valuable to your current employer
  • Makes you more desirable to future employers
  • Elevates you to full leadership status
  • Gives you a legitimate competitive advantage

~ Jenny B., CPMP

“ I’m really proud to have the CPMP designation after my name.
It says that I am among the few in the industry fully certified on Policy Management methods, implementation and maintenance. It’s proving valuable. ”

Policy Management PRO Certification Protects and Empowers Companies. Why Not Yours?

Companies with a CPMP professional on the team
can be assured that the best practices and defined
industry standards for policy management
are under roof. That empowers executives, board
members, managers and team members and gives
them the confidence they need to move ahead with
the business at hand. Together, they know that the
highest standards for policy management is in

Companies with TPPC designees who apply what they learned...

True story, one company discovered after doing an assessment of internal policies that not only were they at risk for policies they were missing, but also at risk for policies they had and weren't following. The company elevated policy management to its top priority list and assigned a task force to use Policy Management PRO.

"This is about sleeping better at night."