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Based on Open Source Standards

The Policy Management  Capability Model is a free and open source standard for Policy Management.

It was developed by OCEG and vetted by a review board of skilled policy management professionals.

Most importantly, everyone can use and adapt this critical information to meet their organizational needs.

Why does this matter?

Because open source standards give you confidence that you are using the very best practices in your organization, while balancing the need to tailor and customize what you do.

By using an open source process, OCEG ensures that your use of the standard is unrestricted.

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  • You decide to embark on a project to standardize policies only to find out the task has been neglected for years and is now monumental. How do you get your arms around the project? 
  • You uncover dozens of different policies for the same issue. How do you determine which, if any, is the right policy? 
  • You assembled a team to contribute to your Policy Management program. How do you know it's the right team? 
  • You no sooner get your first set of new policies in place and there are already changes required. How do you keep your policies up to date? How do you manage versions? 
  • Managing policies used to be pretty easy. But as the organization has grown things have gotten hairy. How do you align policies across the enterprise? How do you manage those policies that are unique to some locations?
  • You're tired of figuring this out as you go, using spreadsheets to manage policy libraries. There have to be better tools. Online IT solutions are available. But what do they do?
  • You did a great job pulling the policies together. You've got the approvals and they are ready to roll. How do you communicate and get compliance enterprise wide?  
  • You keep finding rogue policies that are causing your organization unnecessary risk. How do you let people know the process for creating policies? 


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