What Is Policy Management PRO?

Policy Management PRO is a project of OCEG, the global non-profit think tank that invented GRC (integrated Governance, Risk Managment and Compliance) and made it an industry standard to drive Principled Performance. This project has been developed in collaboration with OCEG Fellow, Michael Rasmussen. It is accredited by GRC Certify.

Think of Policy Management PRO as your one source for best practices, defined management methods and useful tools for creating and implementing a Policy Management program within your organization.  

Policy Management PRO is the place for people charged with creating, maintaining and monitoring policies within their organizations. It's for people who want to stop guessing at how to build Policy Management disciplines within their organizations and learn best practices they can put into use immediately.


Assembled here is the definitive Policy Management Capability Model, the best  practices and the tools that deliver a short cut to Policy Management excellence. It’s also your short cut to leadership and your shortcut to advancement.

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A future where Policy Management is fundamental to the core risk management function of the organization, and part of company culture.


To set the standard and be the standard for Policy Management so risk professionals can quickly learn, master and apply the principles,  they need to impact their organizations while gaining a significant career advantage.

Core Values

Make our products and services Real Knowledge and Wisdom that you can easily apply.

  • Make it Complete – Everything you need without wasting your time.
  • Make it Fast – Streamline the certification path.
  • Make it Lasting – Build in continuing education so that maintaining your certification is hassle-free.

Learn, Master and Get Certified

The content on this site is at your disposal, for your use. Some of it is even open source. Read, watch and learn all you like. But why not put your new-found knowledge to even better use? Boost your career! Take the certification exam and set yourself apart professionally.


You’ll want to update your business card and professional profile with your new CPMP designation!

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Our trademarked and exclusive learning and certification process means you will become Policy Management PROficient faster.

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The goal of Policy Management PRO is to make you PROficient at managing policies within your organization. To help you stand up a program, boost your credibility and advance your career. You need not go it alone!

On this site, you get
full access to these extensive resources:

Policy Management Capability Model
The definitive standard for creating and managing a Policy Management Program within your organization. Free and open source in e-book format. 

Policy Management PRO Essentials Course Videos
Supplementing the Policy Management Capabiility Model, the video course walks you through everything you need to know and nothing you don't, to expand your learning and prepare you for the CPMP certification exam.

Policy Management PRO Essentials Course Study Guide
Drawing from the Policy Management Pro Essentials Course Videos, these accompanying materials help to  prepare you for your CPMP certification exam.

Policy Management Illustrations and Articles
Check out detailed Illustrations and articles on all things Policy Management. Free and downloadable. Continually updated with new content.

Policy Management Leadership Videos
Stay current and informed through videos that make developing and implementing a Policy Management Program easier and getting buy-in faster.


Who Can Benefit from Policy Management PRO

If your job role is on this list, then you need the 
Policy Management Capability Model and Policy Management Pro Essentials Course. You'll benefit even more by getting certified.

  • Business Unit Leaders & Employees
  • Procurement Leaders
  • Risk Administrators & Legal Professionals
  • Internal Audit Staff & Compliance Professionals
  • Technology Professionals
  • C-Suite Executives & Board Members

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Policy Management PRO is the product of decades of experience and thousands of hours of research.

That's how we create resources that leaders in governance, risk and compliance -- leaders like you -- can count on. You can become proficient in policy disciplines, create policies that are embraced by people at all levels of your organization, and update your knowledge through continuing education.

We created Policy Management PRO in response to a growing trend to arm professionals with the tools they need to drive change and generate results in weeks, not months or years. We teamed with   global policy management professionals who focus on this dynamic and critical area of governance day in and day out to bring you everything you need, and nothing you don't, to get the job done right.


Everything you need and nothing you don’t. We mean it when we say we won’t waste your time.


Introduction to Policy Management 

You'll learn the fundamental building blocks of any policy management program including the value of policies, establishment of a policy team and development of a "policy on policies".


Policy Development

You'll learn how to create a policy on policies, assemble the right team and determine the need for policies You'll also learn how to establish authoring and approval standards for your organization.  


Policy Communications

You'll learn how to pull together a communications plan, what's included and the audiences you need to address. You learn how to engage employees and keep defensible records.  


Tracking Changes

You’ll learn how to create a risk and obligations taxonomy within your organization surrounding policies. And because nothing stays the same, you'll learn how to monitor external and internal changes and prepare vital business impact analyses. 


Policy Enforcement

You'll learn how to define roles within your organization and assign responsibilities. Exceptions happen, so you'll learn how to manage them while minimizing risk. You'll also learn how to extend policy management to the larger enterprise.



Policy Re-Evaluation

You'll learn how to determine which metrics are worth measuring and how to do establish success benchmarks. You'll learn how to establish an assessment process and maintain archives to minimize risk within your organization.   

Read an Excerpt...

Why Policies Matter --

When an organization fails to establish strong policies, the organization quickly becomes something it never intended. Good policies define the organization's governance posture, corporate culture, behavioral boundaries, and objectives....

Policies set the standard for acceptable and unacceptable conduct by defining boundaries for the behavior of individuals, the operation of business processes, and the establishment of relationships.


Why Policy Management Matters --

Effective policy management is necessary to enable governance, risk management, and compliance at every level of the organization. Without policy management led and supported by senior management, it is difficult to have policies that consistently define organizational goals and values, define risks that must be addressed, and provide a roadmap to adherence.

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Meet the Policy ManagementPRO Experts

The team behind Policy Management PRO and the Policy Management PRO Essentials Course have decades
of experience in the Governance, Risk and Compliance world. They are your knowledgeable
source and your faithful allies in your pursuit of policy excellence.

Scott Mitchell

Chair & CEO, OCEG

Michael Rasmussen

Founder, GRC 2020 Research and OCEG Fellow

Carole Switzer

President, OCEG

Learn More About the Policy Management PRO Review Board

Experts worldwide have raised their hand to assist in the compilation of the Policy Management Capability Model. Special thank you to these industry leaders who served on the capability model review committee, in their individual capacities, and who form the inaugural Policy Management PRO Review Board chaired by Michael Rasmussen of GRC 20/20 Research:

Meng Barnie, BLOM Bank France

Thomas Birmingham, Emera Corporation

Jeff Boyer, Suncor

Joey Daniel, PHCC Qatar

Julia Hamlet, Canada Life

Jennifer Racer, Northcentral University

Kalyani Ravishankar, UNICEF

Angela Stone, P&G

Cindy Williams, ScotiaBank

Jane Wilson, U.K. Department of Works & Pensions

Ann Young, SSM Healthcare

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