Policies in Hybrid Environment: OSHA - Health and Safety

Has your organization reviewed its health and safety policies for a hybrid work environment? A lot of care has gone into creating a healthy work environment in the corporate office. Policies are in place to ensure that individuals have comfortable and healthy work environments with ergonomics, lighting, breaks, and more. The home office environment may be out of control, and organizations need to review their occupational health and safety policies from the corporate environment and see how these should be updated for the home-office/hybrid/remote work environment.

On Zoom calls people are working from very awkward spaces and are hunched over. Problems like these can potentially cause long term health ramifications and problems - issues that might come back to haunt the organization in legal liability and exposure.

 Your organization needs to:

  • Review current occupational health and safety policies for the corporate office environment
  • Update these to cover what is expected in a home office environment
  • Train and educate employees on a healthy home office work setup

 It may be that the organization must conduct random inspections/audits to ensure that employees have a health work environment at home.


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