Policy Management PRO Essentials Course


Who is the Policy Management PRO  Essentials Course for?

This course is for anyone charged with heading up and participating in policy management within an organization. That includes operations managers, risk professionals, leaders within divisions and departments. People who assess, develop, implement and monitor policies on a regular basis.

Are there minimum qualifications to participate?

There are no minimum requirements to begin your course training. But it is always helpful to have had a few years of experience. That helps provide context to the lessons.

How long is the exam?

The exam consists of 80 questions, mostly multiple choice style, and you have two hours to complete it. This is more than enough time for everyone. If you have an accessabiity issue, please let us know.

How Long is the On Demand Video Course?

It is a total of 4.25 hours. There is an intro to the Model and then six Sections which each have several short lessons. The lessons range from 3 minutes to about 10 minutes each, so you can watch them over a cup of coffee or whenever you have the time.

How many lessons are there in the Policy Management PRO Essentials Course?

The course includes, as we say, everything you need and nothing you don’t. So there are six sections with between three and five vital lessons in each. Lessons that will get you to PROficiency and ensure you can begin applying what you learn immediately. 

How do I get the course materials?

These three steps tell you how to get started. Once you sign up for Policy Management Pro membership, you simply download the open source GRC Capability Model and the course materials. Then you view the video course and start learning.

What is included in the Policy Management PRO Essentials Course materials?

In addition to the GRC Capability Model itself, you will access the full video course and study materials that contain the slides used in the video course and example exam questions. There are additional videos that address the anatomy of the Policy Management Capability Model and its associated Glossary, as well as a unit on Policy Management Principles. Together, these cover everything you need to know to pass the certification exam.  Additional resources, such as the Policy Management Ilustrated series, offer this information in a visual context as well. Finally, you get the certification exam which, once passed, will earn you the CPMP designation stating you are Policy Management PRO Certified.

Can others in my company use the  materials or are additional licenses required?

Others can use the Policy Management Capability Model and we encourage it. If others in your organization want to go forward with their own certifications, they simply become a Policy Management PRO member, which makes them eligible to view the Essentials Course videos and take the exam. We have money-saving bundles for large teams. Click here to learn more.

What is the Rapid Path to Certification™?

It is our proprietary method of teaching that allows you to learn everything you need to become PROficient, apply what you learn immediately and gain your certification quickly.

You say that the Policy Management Capability Model is Open Source. What does that mean?

Open Source means that the Policy Management Capability Model is available to anyone for use as a guide to improve policy management in any organization. It also is an ideal reference guide that will help you with the Policy Management PRO Essentials Course.  If you want to take your career and profession to the next level, you can click here to get the Essentials Course and earn your CPMP designation requires Policy Management PRO membership.

What if I don’t want to complete the certification exam?

Earning the CPMP designation by taking the certification exam is completely up to you. You can take the Essentials Course without completing the certification exam. There are career advantages to earning the certification, so if you are looking for ways to differentiate yourself and advance, a CPMP designation is a great option.

How long does the certification last?

Even though this certification covers the standards to help you create a high-functioning Policy Management program within your organization, you’ll want annual continuing education to stay up to date and maintain your certification. Your certification will remain in force as long as you maintain your Policy Management Pro paid membership and complete the provided continuing education annually.

What is involved in maintaining my certification?

You will need to complete the continuing education provided with your annual membership by viewing six relevant short videos annually. New videos are released on a regular basis throughout the year. Feel free to view them all, but you only need to view six each year to maintain your certification. You can find them by clicking on your Profile at the top right corner of any page, then My Content and Courses, then Certificate Maintenance Credits. We will let you know when new videos are posted and we will automatically track your viewing so you won't have to submit anything additional. If you fail to maintain your paid membership or complete the required video viewings, you will have to recertify. Recertification involves renewing your Policy Management PRO membership and passing the certification exam again.

What governing body is accrediting this course work and certification?

Policy Management PRO is created by OCEG, the global non-profit think tank that issues the GRC Capability Model and the Policy Management Capability Model. It is accredited by the governing body that oversees OCEG’s GRC certification programs, GRC Certify, a non-profit created entirely for accrediting a range of Governance, Risk Management and Compliance courses on which certifications are based.

When do the Policy Management PRO Essentials classes start?

You can begin learning whenever you want. The Policy Management PRO Essentials Course is available on demand, so you can earn your CPMP designation starting right now if you like.