Why Policies Help Improve Cybersecurity

Has your organization established clear policies and procedures to help ensure that it is protected against the growing threat of cybersecurity? Your organization needs to do everything they can to ensure that your employees are prepared and aware of the looming threat, with clear policies and procedures in place to make sure each employee knows how to identify and manage an emerging incident.

Today cybersecurity breaches often dominate the news cycles. Many cyber breaches are unavoidable in today’s age, but by establishing a clear policy management framework, many can also be avoided.

In order to improve cybersecurity, organizations need to

  • Establish clear policies and protocols for employees, clients, and third parties. A well thought out and effective policy management strategy helps protect the organization by establishing secure protocols for communication, sharing information, and onboarding third parties so that every employee knows what’s expected of them and is aware of the proper procedures to carry out during a potential emerging incident.
  • Provide training to your employees to help them identify and manage emerging incidents. Many cyberattacks can be spotted before they happen to a well-trained eye. Common phishing attacks often have poor quality logos, spelling mistakes, fake domain names, mismatched sender details, and more. Employees within your organization need to be trained on IT security best practices and made aware of how to spot these red flags.

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