The Principles of Policy Management: People-Centered

Is your organization’s policy management framework people-centered from employees, to clients, and even third-party relationships? Policy management is significantly influenced by human conduct and culture – it cannot be automated away. In OCEG’s Policy Management Capability Model, it outlines 10 universal principles of policy management - the fourth being people-centered.

“Subject matter experts must develop policies that support the governance, risk concerns, and compliance requirements of the organization, and the audiences for policies must understand and apply them,” the Model states. “The ecosystem of individuals impacted by policies must be able to provide input into policies.”

An effective policy management framework needs to be:

  • Intuitive. Your organization to provide an engaging and intuitive space for employees to learn and interact with policies.
  • Accessible. Your policies need to be optimized for mobile and tablet, and also viewable via laptop and workspace interfaces so it is always there when needed.
  • Personal. Your organization needs to allow employees to customize and organize what is relevant to them, as well as provide feedback to management and share things they found useful with other employe
  • Adaptive. Your policy management framework needs to be able to adapt to changes in the business and regulatory environment, and provide up-to-date and relevant information to employees.

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The Policy Management Capability Model is an effective resource to leverage policies to protect your organization. A well-documented set of policies and training helps the organization to prevent compliance violations, manage risks, and reduces management time and effort. The Policy Management Capability Model is a free and open-source standard for Policy Management. It was developed by OCEG and vetted by a review board of skilled policy management professionals to help your team build a framework to manage risks and meet requirements.


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