The Principles of Policy Management: Accessible

Is your organization's policy management framework accessible at all levels of the organization? In OCEG’s Policy Management Capability Model, it outlines 10 universal principles of policy management - the eighth being accessible.

“At any point in time, the organization should have a complete view of what the official policies are,” the Model states. “Employees should be able to readily find policies and interact with them.”

For policy management to be effective policies need to be accessible. That means employees need to have ready access to them. Accessibility requires:

  1. Central policy portal. Where employees can find all the relevant policies to their role/function.
  2. Clearly written policies. Policies are written so that they are easy to understand and apply to the employee’s context
  3. Diversity. Policies are accessible in the language, culture, as well as disabilities of the individual so they can understand and apply the policy.

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