Policy Engagement: Got Mobile?

Is your organization leveraging mobile technologies to engage employees on its policies? In today’s fast-moving world, employees can be anywhere and everywhere. They can be on the move going to different cities and different corporate offices, visiting clients, prospects, partners overseas, working from home in the remote/hybrid work environment, or even working from the local coffee shop.

 It is critical that your organization take advantage of mobile technologies to provide a portal and engage employees throughout the organization on policies. All policies should be available to employees wherever and whenever.

 Your organization needs to:

  •  Implement a policy portal that is mobile friendly (smart phone, tablet)
  • Have all policies easily accessible on mobile devices
  • Provide policy related resources such as training (LMS), FAQs, hotline access on mobile devices in the mobile policy portal

More advanced mobile policy portals will tie into calendars to look for business engagements/activities and remind employees about relevant policies (e.g., meal expenses, hospitality) or even use geo-location information to remind employees of policies relative their context around the world.


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