Policy Engagement: Bringing Policies and Training Together

Does your organization provide adequate training and engagement on policies for employees? Organizations are too often a mess when it comes to policy engagement and training. They have scattered portals for policies that lack consistency, and training is too often handled separately in LMS systems disconnected from the policy portal.

 This does not work for the modern workforce. Millennials, Gen Z, and even hybrid/remote workers need a strong portal that brings policies and training together in one place. Think about, your employees (on personal time) can go to Facebook and watch a YouTube video on Facebook. They do not have to go to Facebook, see something interesting, click on a link and go to YouTube and watch a video, and then go back to Facebook to comment on it. Everything is done and interacted on in one place. This is how the policy portal should work as well.

 Your organization needs to:

  1.  Have a singular portal that brings policies and training on policies into one place for employees.
  2.  Be engaging, intuitive, and interactive where employees can find what they need to do or what they are looking for and have the resources they need to get it done.
  3.  Make the portal available from the desktop to the laptop, tablet, and the smartphone.

Organizations should want to deliver effectiveness, efficiency, and agility to the business while managing GRC, and in order to do this it requires the development of a strategy that integrates and connects the business and all of its processes, units, training, and information into a single, unified policy management program and portal. Designing this unified policy management program for the future starts with a strategy and this strategy will inevitably fail if it does not seek to be mobile, interactive, and engaging for the changing workforce. This also sets up a foundation within the organization that can enable transparency, visibility, and control across the organization.


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