Policies in the Hybrid Work Environment: Physical Security

There is a lot of attention focused on IT security in the home office, but what about the policies related to the physical security? How private is the home office? It’s possible that sensitive conversations or even a client’s personal information can be heard being discussed by roommates, spouses, and potentially others, and sensitive papers left out can be seen by anyone.

What about work being done from the local coffee shop? What can be seen and overheard by a potential random individual there? These potential risks need to be considered when developing your organization home office policies. The organization needs to clearly define:

  1. Home office clean desk policy to make sure papers and sensitive information are not left out
  2. That business meetings and conversations are in private where others cannot overhear what is being said
  3. Proper security and conduct when working from public places

These risks need to be addressed in a comprehensive policy management framework that is applied to not just your organization but the entire extended enterprise. Join the ranks of organizations that are sending everyone that authors, reviews, owns, and manages policies through CPMP training and certification! Stop guessing about how to build a Policy Management Program - follow a proven blueprint for success.


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