Policies in the Hybrid Work Environment: Home Office Expense Policies

What does your organization provide and will not reimburse for personal expenses in a hybrid work environment? To support the work from home/hybrid office environment requires that your organization dust off and refine your home office expense policies. Your organization needs to determine what is allowed, not allowed, what is shared, and what does the organization provide, as well as what expenses are shared and split (e.g., Internet).

Your organization needs to:

  • Reevaluate your existing home office expense policies to assure you are fair and appropriate in the new era of the remote and hybrid work environment
  • Communicate and make home office expense policies easily accessible. As home office expenses have a variety of areas and circumstances it is important to have a way for employees to ask questions. A Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) is also handy to provide scenarios of application of the policy.
  • Manage exceptions. Your organization needs to clearly route, approve, and document exceptions to home office expense policies.

Your organization needs to adjust to the changing business environment and develop a policy management framework that makes it easy for employees within your organization to access and understand corporate policies within a hybrid work environment.


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