Policies in Hybrid Environment: Online Meetings

Supporting a hybrid or fully remote work environment means a lot of online video meetings. Do you have or should you update your policies around these meetings? Zoom/video conference fatigue is a reality. People start losing focus in online meetings after one-hour and are completely checked out in two-hours. Organizations need to restructure how they plan meetings, particularly frequency and length.

Also, as previously stated, the organization needs to establish guidelines for proper conduct in these meetings to avoid issues of harassment, discrimination, and other related issues.

Your organization needs to:

  1. Write or revise their policies, procedures, and guidelines for expectations of online meetings and interactions including length, frequency, focus, and conduct.
  2. Engage and communicate to the workforce these collective documents and provide training.
  3. Also ensure that employees in corporate offices know how to connect with and include their remote and hybrid colleagues so everyone is part of the organization and its culture.

Your organization needs to adjust to the changing business environment and develop a policy management framework that makes it easy for employees within your organization to access and understand corporate policies within a hybrid work environment.


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