Organizations Cannot Enforce a Policy That is Not Communicated

Does your organization adequately communicate policies to employees? You might have the most beautifully worded and crafted policy that could get acclaim for great business prose, but if your employees are unaware of it, it does you no good. You cannot correct unwanted behavior without first assuring you have a policy and that it is understood by employees.

Your organization needs to:

  1. Ensure policies, particularly high risk ones, are communicated and understood by employees.
  2. Provide regular training and reminders of policies.
  3. Give management support and reminders to their staff.
  4. Implement a portal where policies can be easily found and policy tasks completed.

It is common for organizations to successfully communicate policies when they are initially developed or when a new employee is brought on but keeping policies and the communication of those policies in sync with our current, dynamic business environment can be incredibly difficult. Business is continuously changing and your organization needs to ensure that all employees are notified and kept up to date on relevant changes.


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